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“I have no hesitations on recommending the services of Triton to meet a customer’s needs.”

"We have been working with Triton Group for a couple of years now and have been highly impresses with their commitment to detail, high quality of work and exceptional dedication to getting the best results possible on every job, no matter how big or small. We have noticed that this dedication and commitment stems from all levels of Triton Group.”

“Triton Group’s work has assisted us with speedy resolution of complex matters as well as highly accurate information that we know can be relied upon when required. This is why they are our provider of choice for all investigative requirements.”

“Thanks to the whole team at Group Triton for quality and service that is second to none.”

John Thornton (OSMS)

"As a client of Triton Group’s services, I have worked with them for at least 5 years now.”

“I find that they consistently display a positive attitude to jobs and no job is too difficult. They exhibit lateral thinking when addressing difficult situations and approach each jobs with a ‘can do attack’. Extremely professional establishment which prides itself on customer service and without delays in responses. They are courteous and a pleasure to deal with.”

“Triton Group have positively impacted many situation on claims through their investigations and assisted in minimizing cost on claims by the outcome of their work. Extremely reliable, professional and fineHtuned working Group. I would refer matter to them without hesitation.”

“It has been a pleasure working with them personal and professionally.”

John Natoli (BHP Billiton)

"JLT have been working with Triton Investigations since they commenced operation in WA. The Triton’s staff are professional and can communicate across all levels of a business. They are always willing to assist our clients and pride themselves in obtaining results.”

“Our clients have obtained some outstanding surveillance and investigation outcomes that have allowed them to expedite their claims to an early closure. The early closure of the claims has had a direct effect on reducing the claims costs and in turn impacts the premiums positively.”

“Also, one of our maritime clients has implemented the Rapid Express Factuals across its site and has noticed a significant decrease in the number of new claims.”

“I have no hesitations on recommending the services of Triton to meet a customer’s needs.”

Shona Lindley (Jardine Lloyd Thompson P/L)

“Offshore Marine Services (OMS) have been utilising the services of Triton Group for several years now to assist with the management of our employee claims portfolio. In that time Triton have demonstrated consistent outcomes that aid our organisation to achieve fair and just results in the majority of cases.”

“In regular dealings with Triton Group, I have found that all of their staff are invested in their positions and driven to achieve desired results for us as a customer wherever possible. This commitment permeates through the company structure at all levels and underpins our decision to continue a positive working relationship with Triton.”

Drew Brbich (OSMS)

“I have been working with Triton for the past 3 years, and could not find a more professional investigation service. I have meet with a number of their investigators, over the years and each one has the same level of professional customer services. The team are more than happy to provide a service at a moment notices, and provide timely feedback. The team works with you to understand the service required and develop appropriate strategies to achieve the best. Over the years the information that has been provided from Triton has enable us to develop a successful strategy to minimize costs within our business.”

Joshua Key CWHS IM ManagerC WA

“I had a matter in which Triton Group carried out surveillance on a person of interest (infidelity claim) as referred in my personal capacity. During the time of the investigation, the utmost respect was shown in the gathering of information, it was embraced with importance and confidentiality was shown at all times. Triton achieved the desired result timeously, confirmed my suspicious and enabled me as a single parent to move forward.”

“Thank you and I can recommend Triton Group for their ability to obtain results timeously and in a professional manner.”

Sarah Taylor VIC

“Having been adopted at a young age, I contacted Triton Group who provided an exceptional service in helping me locate my birth brother. An abundance of information was gathered and provided in a professional report and cost effective manner and much to my surprise, this was all complete in a couple of weeks from the first line of enquiry. I recommend Triton’s services to anyone seeking investigation services with a quick turn-around.”

Garry NSW