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Surveillance and factual investigations

Surveillance is a powerful tool for obtaining evidence; our team of fully licensed and qualified operatives, are highly dedicated in the conduct of discreet and confidential inquiries.

Triton Group engages the latest technology and keeps up-to-date with industry change for all aspects of investigation work.

Agent selection and training are key components to Triton Group’s success in the field. Our team of high calibre investigators covers the country from coast-to-coast bringing our services to a national client base.

Factual investigations prove to be of tremendous value to the management of claims and also to the litigation process. Our dedicated team of factual investigators specializes in a broad range of services including:

  • Common law matters
  • Workers compensation
  • Compulsory third party claims
  • Public liability
  • Income protection / life insurance policies
  • Recovery claims
  • Occupational stress, bullying, harassment and discrimination matters.

Report submission is complete with investigator findings, statements and other relevant records pertinent to individual cases, which can help reveal cause of injury, pre-existing factors not otherwise identified and/or liability of claim.