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Workers compensation and insurance investigations

TRITON Group provides a complete professional service in managing investigations through qualified interpretation relevant to the individual claim. We demonstrate active and concise communication between our team and the client, enabling us to provide accurate, timely and cost effective reporting.

Surveillance and factual investigations

Surveillance is a powerful tool for obtaining evidence; our team of fully licensed and qualified operatives, are highly dedicated in the conduct of discreet and confidential inquiries. Triton Group engages the latest technology and keeps up-to-date with industry change for all aspects of investigation work.

Corporate and commercial investigations

Across Australia Triton group has helped the corporate sector of which many have been denied millions of dollars and suffered countless hours in lost productivity, while each year deceptive activity has been allowed to continue unchecked.

Public liability investigations

Our Liability Investigation services include thorough research regarding the nature of the claim/injury, chronological recount and reporting, obtaining witness statements, photographic and documentary evidence, historical and background information giving rise to the claim and/or exposure.

Missing persons

Missing persons can in some cases be located in the matter of only minutes, while other matters can be very time consuming. The information provided by those wishing to seek a missing individual, varies from only a name to a more comprehensive list of clues. Success has been achieved on both levels.


It's often the uncertainty that is the worst aspect of a potentially unfaithful relationship. A well-prepared investigation can remove the doubt and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem.

Child custody and domestic investigations

In matters relating to child custody cases, the primary concern for all parties involved is to protect the welfare of the child. If you feel your child’s best interests are not being met by your current custodial arrangements or if child support payments aren’t being met accordingly, Triton Group can help provide the proof you need.